Sunday, May 21, 2006

another “first” in coaching

there's no easy way to say this - today one of my girls peed herself while on the court playing.

suddenly there were puddles of "water" on the floor that we had to urgently wipe up to keep playing. i grabbed a sweatshirt, as it was the only thing i had...another coach threw me a towel. one of my players got on her knees to wipe it up while i used my foot on the towel (lazy 'cause of age). with sheer terror in her eyes, she looked at me " said, "kristie, it smells like pee." i couldn't help but giggle, but i told her it must have come from the ceiling " she should stay quiet about it so no one feels uncomfortable.

i found out who it was after 'cause someone saw her butt was soaked...but she hung with us for the rest of the day....even though she smelt like urine. i'm impressed by that. i'm also somewhat impressed with the fact that she loves to play so much she wouldn't ask me to go use the restroom. (that also seems kinda stupid, but she's 13) i'm also impressed with the other girls who never said a word to her (as far as i know). that's maturity.

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