Tuesday, May 9, 2006


i made an interesting observation in class tonight -
i'm forced to believe that one's personality can be figured out merely by their hairstyle.

my train of thought:
i wonder what people think of me, since i don't say anything " don't talk to anybody.
i wonder if they realize i've got a pretty solid personality.
why don't i talk to them? they're just peeps, too.
maybe by looking at me, they know i'm ok.
hmm...what do i think of everyone else?
wow...if you look at hairstyles, you can tell a lot about a person.
that dude over there has the geeky, comb to the side hairstyle = geek
that dude has the long, combed back hairstyle = wannabe different/dork
that chick's hair is perfect = anal perfectionist
that chick's hair is plain " simple = low maintenance

point proven? check out the hairstyles around you.

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