Sunday, January 21, 2007

january’s adventure in cooking - lasagna

Fall seven times, stand up eight. ~Japanese Proverb
i think, come december, we'll have to say "fall twelve times, stand up thirteen."

adventure 1 - grocery shopping
it took me at least five trips around the grocery store to find the ~ten ingredients i needed for mom's lasagna recipe
i got some cottage cheese, but accidently bought the fruit salad kind (adding fruit to my lasagna)

adventure 2 - cooking
the meat part was easy...and went smoothly
the cheesy part was also easy, but the fruit salad cottage cheese threw me a little
the noodles took a little longer than i expected, but turned out ok
and then i had to put it all my new, pretty, glass pan
the first layer of noodles went smoothly (besides a little burning on the fingertips), the first layer of meat went on nicely and smelled really yummy...and then i tried to put the meat back on the stove...but missed a little...and swore loudly as the pot of yummy meat sauce fell to the floor...and splattered like i've never seen before. seriously...some went in my eye, my hair, my clothes, all four walls in the kitchen, the floor and the CEILING. amazing. i stood in complete disbelief, unsure of what to do....and fought the tears. damn kitchen hates me.

roommate b came to save the day, locking Murray up for a bit 'cause we don't usually give him people-food. we took a couple deep breaths, realized we had enough meat to continue with the lasagna & i finished it off. Murray was put in charge of cleaning the floor, B cleaned up what she could & i whipped up a lasagna dinner.

it was tasty lasagna, in my opinion...and the girls may have been trying to make me feel better, but they said it was good, too. i'd consider it a success, though the emotional wounds may take a while to recover from.

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