Sunday, July 8, 2007


i love mexico's so full of life, culture,'s awesome.  i've been a bit too exhausted to truly enjoy it, but i've done my best for the past 24 hours.

carlos (friend of adub's) picked me up at the airport to discover that my luggage hadn't arrived with me, so we went on our merry way to begin my mexico city adventure.  since 4:30 yesterday afternoon, we:
- ate at La Mansion, an awesome Argentinian place
- walked the markets in Coyoacan
- drove through the city center to view the super old buildings, square, etc
- stopped at the Remedy Cantina to wash our cares away with tequila...
- had real huevos rancheros for breakfast
- stopped by some art building that i really should know the name of
- drove to the pyramids to walk around, climb up and inspect
- walked around the city center to view the cathedral, the ruins, the government building...and then shopped just a little at the markets
- ate dinner at a yummy italian place at the supermall
- got to my hotel, where my luggage was waiting
- and soon, i hope to crash

my favorite thing so far has been that the McDonald's drive through is called the "auto-mac"

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