Monday, July 16, 2007

july’s adventure in cooking

i figured it was only right to make some enchiladas after becoming a little bit mexican...and it turned out to be a great idea!

i got the recipe from esperanza, so i figured it'd be excellent.  spanish rice, beans & chicken enchiladas were on the menu...6-8 peeps were coming over to enjoy it.  espi was on call until she got here around 7...but brooke & i had to call around 5:30 'cause i'd purchased minute rice instead of regular rice...espi confirmed that that would just not work.  after she told her husband about it, he told her she could come right on over to help out.  thank goodness!!!

we only had one mishap while cooking - once we started the rice, the cover was suctioned onto the pan.  it took some time & effort, but we got it off and the rice was tasty.

i LOVED the mess i got to make with the enchiladas...pour a bunch of sauce, rub it on the tortilla, grab some chicken & cheese, throw it all together, roll it up...i was disaster!  so fun!

meanwhile, my car was having issues so you'll see some "workin' on the car" shots in the pictures link above.  yes, i cook AND fix cars.  and later on i built a fire for us to enjoy some outdoor time. 

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