Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

i think i'm back to the blogging world...we'll see if i have anything to say...

it's easter. i realized this year that i love easter 'cause it means spring, new beginnings, lots of bright colors and some chocolate. i hope you've gotten a chance to enjoy all of these things.

my March Madness bracket is doing so poorly that i think i'll stop paying attention. i've probably had my fill of basketball for a year, anyway.

reason #32 to be excited that school is over in august:
i can focus more on golf. i am not very good.

it sucks to be sick. especially on a beautiful, 70 degree weekend. at least my bed is comfy.

(jeremy, it's been awesome to meet you...sorry i've been all unfun and sickly. guess you'll have to come back)

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Jeremy said...

It's been good to meet you too. Can't promise anything on the visiting again, but we'll see. You're welcome to stop by whenever when you're in MN.