Monday, March 24, 2008

hegman's are running...kinda

this year the hegman family decided to plan vacation around whether i made it in to grandma's half-marathon, or not. it's a lottery - if i made it in, we vacation in june. if i didn't, we vacation in august. easy enough. (i didn't really wanna get in...)

i got in. we vacation in june. i invited the family to run the 5k the night before to get everyone involved...then i registered my older bro & sis-in-law as a birthday gift. it was a surprise to bro - heehee. sis-in-law is determined to be a runner.

unfortunately, the 5k sold out before the rest of the fam signed up. i guess we have a bunch of cheerleaders this year.

minnesota at the end of june. it better warm up!

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