Sunday, March 30, 2008

resorting to bribery

this year i'm having a rough time getting my team to talk while they're playing. you know, calling the ball, yelling for help, cheering each other on...they're almost silent. i've talked to them about it, i've yelled at them, i've almost cried...nothing works.

yesteday alex hit me with a great idea. she said, "if you offer a reward at the end of the day to the one who talks the loudest, i bet it'd work." brilliance! she said a small reward would work, but i wanted to make sure they'd actually fight for after talking to assistant, i decided $10 to itunes would do the trick...and did it ever! i had girls yellin' for balls, yellin' from the sidelines, yellin' for no reason at was great!

i also bribed a girl with $1 to get her first serve in. it worked.

creative coaching, i call it.

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