Friday, August 1, 2008

sometimes, the world is against me

i'm overly dramatic today, but it's kinda fun.

i struggled getting to the gym and was out of sorts throughout.
i got an email from a friend that said i disappointed her without actually saying it...'awesome.'
stupid favre is still all over the stupid news...and now the vikings are involved. i'm pretty sure i'd disown the Vikings if they ever have favre on the field in purple. actually, i'm more than pretty sure - i'd revoke my fanship immediately. it's hard enough just knowing that they talked to him. stupid purple team. and i've decided that favre is a greedy sob 'cause all he really wants is the extra $25m the Packers are offering him to not play. seriously. paid to not play. dude is ridiculous. green and yellow are still stupid colors. and if he wants to play, he needs to find another hobby. dude is older than me!

so, really, i'm dramatic because of this favre crap i saw on the tv while working out. i'm far too emotional about this whole thing, but i'm not changing it. so there.

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