Wednesday, July 30, 2008

weird obsessions

So I’m obsessive about a couple things…and I can’t seem to change it. The most well-known is my fingernails – they gotta be perfect all the time. I carry my file with me everywhere, as well as clippers. I’ll pull either one out at dinner, if the need arises. It’s rude, I know, but I can’t help it. If, by chance, I don’t have my file (ack!), I will chew my nail until it’s satisfactory, or I find a file. It’s ridiculous.

Enter the new obsession – gmail labels. I had assumed it was perfectly normal to have 20+ labels and make sure every incoming email had one. It makes sense to me. Labels were good…but then Google brought the colored labels on, and I didn’t know what to do with myself…it’s awesome! Every email gets a color and a label…and most of the colors make sense. Green = money, red = bills, etc.

Roommate has brought it to my attention that not EVERY email requires a label…and it’s a little weird that I think so. In response - pbfpbpbpbfpbpbf. I have two weird obsessions…that I can think of…and I say it’s ok. (plus, I tried and I just can’t help it)


jj said...

I might suggest this website to feed your email labeling obsession. It's a blog with many tips on personal productivity, and a bonus for you is that many of the tools presented are Apple based.

I am absolving myself of any new obsessions this may create, and hereby request future amnesty from roomie regarding any or all obsessions real, perceived, or otherwise that could be traced back to this.

brooke said...

what about unread emails? you should probably fess up to this little obsession, as well.

how do my 19 unread emails make you feel? what about my unlabeled emails? huh?

jj - we'll talk. you're not fully absolved, yet. you may owe me something if she gets more out of hand...