Wednesday, November 12, 2008

coaching '08-'09

You may remember that last year I had the easiest tryout ever - signed 11 girls after tryouts, got 1 more without a problem. I was amazed. You may also remember that old club pulled some shenanigans with another coach that made me mad, and I decided it’d be my last season with that club. But then I forgot to do anything about it…

There has been so much more drama around coaching this year that I don’t even know where to begin…but I will. 

A couple months before tryouts, I emailed old club to see if I’d have a spot. My assistant had been helping with summer clinics and I hadn’t been asked, so I wasn’t sure. They said “it’ll probably work out that way, but we’ll confirm soon.” Three weeks before tryouts, I got an email telling me when tryouts would be for old club. I decided if I was going to coach for them, I’d go it alone and “dump” my assistant. I asked them if they had another spot for him in hopes that I could give him options. They strongly suggested I stick with him after being “completely shocked.” I talked to him, he talked to them, we all talked, I felt bad, I didn’t know what to do, I told the club that I’d just coach with him again and told him the same. I mean, what was one more year? Meanwhile, I was talking to a new club about the possibility of coaching for them (sneaky, I know). My assistant knew about it, but old club didn’t. For a couple weeks, I talked and checked it out and didn’t know what to do – new club is shiny, sparkly, fun and high quality. Old club is a known quantity, but I’d sorta made a commitment. A week before tryouts, new club & I decided that we probably had enough girls to have a 13s team, so I should go for it. I told old club that I wouldn’t be coaching for them again…then I told old Assistant. Oops. It’s not the nicest, most responsible thing I’ve done, but somehow it’s all worked out. (funny how that happens)

Old assistant has become head coach for old club and I think he’ll do great. And old club didn’t get screwed over too bad by my leaving so late in the process. (assistant woulda never done it had I left three weeks before tryouts – he woulda bailed, too – yay for procrastination)

I’m the head coach for a 13s team for new club. Of course, because change is usually hard, it’s been rough. I went from 4 girls to 16 back down to 6 up to 8, finally finishing at 12 at 10pm the night before signatures were needed. I’ve got some girls that are a bit rough around the edges…but they’re the ones that learn the fastest and grow the most in a season. I’ve got some really great girls that will lead the team in a lot of ways. I’ve got some involved parents that don’t seem overly involved, yet. I’ve got an “assistant” with 25 years of coaching experience, including college. The new club is so fun and so organized and so talented that I don’t know what to do with myself. We’re truly a team of coaches, tryin’ to teach some kids a great game – the support is amazing.

That was a lot of words…if you skimmed it, just know that I had coaching drama, got through it and am soooooooo excited about the coming season that I don’t know what to do with myself. And thanks to those who put up with my reactions to the drama…there was at least one very rough, long night.

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