Thursday, November 13, 2008

my sister, my hero

she's awesome. truly awesome. i'd even say she's my best friend. wasn't always, but at some point, something changed, and i know i can go to her with ANYTHING.

anyway, she's a 4th grade teacher in northern minnesota near a native american reservation. that place is a mess...and she gets their kids. she's probably the only stable person that several of them have in their lives - and school is the one thing they can count on being there. the stories she has are amazing...and i pretty much stand in awe of what she can do. last year she potty trained two fourth graders by giving them stickers at the end of the day...

so there was a car accident on monday morning that killed a 9 year old boy...and his mom is in critical condition at the hospital. that boy was in my sister's class. it is rare that i hear my sister call out for help, but she has...which means i gotta do what i can. if you're the prayin' type, throw up a prayer for my sister and her class...and the counselors...and the school. i just can't imagine explaining death to a bunch of 9 year olds who have lost their friend. ugh.

sad post. sorry. my way of coping is by askin' others for help, i guess.

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