Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Turnin’ Californian

I gotta admit, it was weird driving into work this morning knowing I had CA plates on my baby car. The fact that it's rainy " sad doesn't help. More pics of the dreary ceremony are available on hegman.com, of course.
Non-dreary part - I got to use that cool wrenchy thing I have in my toolset. I forget what kind of wrench it is, but you turn it " it clicks back without unscrewing, then screws, then clicks back without unscrewing, etc. Socket wrench, maybe? (sometimes I pull this girl thing off so well)
I have very little left that says, "I'm from MN!" The DMV guy told me yesterday he was glad I didn't have that MN accent, so I don't even have that to hold on to.
The acceptance process continues...

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