Friday, October 21, 2005


sweet - i hit a home run last night in softball, and a 3b that shoulda been. i caught a couple flies while out in left field.
bitter - i let a few go by me when i was at 3b, and a couple went over my head in left field.
sweet - i scored the winning run, too...with a slide at home. we won by 1 in the bottom of the 7th. exciting game.

bitter - just before i left my house for softball, i got a call from roommate ashley. ashley has MS, and hasn't lived with us for about 6 months. her MS kicked in a while back and because she can't move so well, she's been staying at her dad's in san jose. it's been very frustrating " trying for all of us, as we want her back in our house and she wants to be home. but her Faith is amazing, and she's kept a positive attitude through almost the whole thing. however, yesterday afternoon her counselor had a chat with her. ashley was hoping to make the modifications to our house so she could live there...but her counselor said it probably wasn't a great idea. on her good days, she'd be totally fine. but on her bad days, it'd be a struggle. she needs to be somewhere that can accomodate all days. ugh. tough news to take.

so she called our landlord and explained the situation. and gave her notice.

then she called me. she was tough, and didn't crack until i said, "are you ok?" of course, i had tears in my eyes, too. she's struggling...moving home was her dream " what she held on to for hope. she gave that up. of course, time will heal this, and she'll find hope, but it sucks for now.

as we hung up, she said, "hit a home run!" i said, "just for you, babe."

sweet - look what i did. i call that God-action. i mean, i don't normally hit like that. and, in that, i find hope for Ashley. God's got this wicked cool plan laid out for her, and she's on her way to finding it.

here ends my preaching for today.

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