Sunday, October 23, 2005

red couch!

about a year ago i went couch shopping with a friend and began to dream of furnishing a den or living room with a red couch. dreams can come true!

while cruising the street with steve yesterday, we passed a church bazaar and i noticed a red couch in the middle of the parking lot. steve, being the very patient man he is, listened to my waffling about whether we should go look at it " turned around to go look...then he listened to my waffling about whether i should take it, or not...and ended up loading it in his durango to bring home for me. what a guy. you see, when we walked up to it, the nice man said, "want the couch? it's free. either you or goodwill gets it." how can i pass that up?!? it was pretty dirty, and the base is broken, but the covers came off for the washing machine " the base was repairable. at least, with handy people around, it was repairable. i'm so happy when i walk into our living room " see my red couch. life is good for me.

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