Saturday, October 8, 2005


clubbin' in san jo' is not like any other clubbin'. unless it's just 'cause i've been out of the scene for so long....but i don't think so.

last night i went out with a couple girlfriends to the new, trendy, hip club Studio 8. we got there early, 'cause we're kinda old, so we watched everyone come in. it was like one of our parties in Minnesota, as for every 1 girl, there were at least 4 guys. i kinda feel bad for the guys, but it's damn fun to get a whole lotta attention. unfortunately (?), i wasn't very friendly, so i walked away with no digits. even still, it was a great night - good music, good drinks, fun friends - what more could i ask for?

ladies, if you're single " ain't opposed to computer geeks, move to silicon valley.

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