Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Birthday Quiz

My super cool friend Jenna created a "How well do you know Kristie??" quiz for my birthday dinner on Sunday night...I thought I'd share some of the answers:
1. How old is Kristie today?
27 - 29 (28)
2. What is her favorite color?
Purple like husky purple! (purple)
3. What is Kristie short for?
Agatha, Frank, Kristina, Kristine (Kristie)
4. What is Kristie's favorite:
a. Hockey team - Sharks, Stars (Wild)
b. Football team - Green Bay (?!?!?!), Vikqueens (Vikings)
c. Baseball team - Dodgers, Twins (Twins)
5. How many brothers " sisters does she have?
2, 14, at least 1 brother (2 bro's, 1 sis)
6. Name her college AND major
Mankato State, Jerusalem Univ College, U of MN; Psychology
(Bethel College, Jerusalem Univ College, VCC; Business)
7. List 4 nicknames Kristie has for other people:
Pumpkin, Pooh Bear, Pookie, Schnookums, Schlinky, CrankyPants
(Muffin, Yoda, Chinaman, Cool Bill, Russ Russell, etc)
8. When did Kristie move to California?
10/04, 2.5 yrs, 5 yrs, 1 1/2 yrs ago
9. Name on interesting fact about Kristie:
Dogsled champion of her high school
One of the very few Shibby girls
She changed costumes are her own halloween party
She played vb in college
She likes purple, enough said
She loves Boston
She's always wanted " got a red couch
10. Write one question you want Kristie to answer about you:

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