Tuesday, February 28, 2006


i fell in love with the sexiest forty-something year old on the planet last night. i scored free tickets to the Bon Jovi concert in San Jose, and, man, does he put on a show! it's like i was taken back 20 years when i had his picture torn out of a mag, hanging on my wall. he's still the same jon bon jovi. superhot. super in shape. super tight jeans, like they did back then. and their music is still totally fun!

right in front of me were teenyboppers rockin' out next to some folks a bit older than me. he hits all ages. and the hair - there's still big hair out there! (though i couldn't find a mullet) and the man dances like rockers do. i love it.

if i'd known sooner than hours in advance that i was going, i'd totally have done it up 80's rocker style. and then he would have fallen in love with me. oh...except he has a wife. oh, well...

back to my dreams

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