Monday, March 13, 2006

stolen from Laura ORANGE…hope she doesn’t mind

Have you ever thought about our human obsession with meeting goals, finishing the job, reaching project completion? Or perhaps it’s just an obsession in my life? How weird that in the Western world, we desire this state of being so intensely, yet only a small percentage of human time is actually spent at a finish line. Hence our (my) obsession, I guess. We always want what we do not have. So here in New Haven, amidst the multitudes of mountainous projects that need completing – a home and studio to renovate (and clean and organize), an organization to establish, Catalyst Studios projects to work on, and paid work to find and complete – I am straining to learn an important lesson. Life is about THE PROCESS, not any finish line I will ever come to. Not any state of perfect completion I will ever find. If I don’t learn to appreciate the process, I will surely miss out on most of my life. So here’s to a new kind of fulfillment. Here’s to loving the process of life…

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