Monday, March 6, 2006

we won!

my team finally came through. Someone knew I needed was awfully hard to motivate myself to get out of bed yesterday to go coach a struggling team at volleyball, but they made it worth it. they played better than ever, and they played like they wanted to win. in the past, they just kinda played 'cause they're supposed to. i'm very proud of them. we came in 2nd out of 12 teams (of course those 12 teams are not all that great, but still)

unfortunately, i had to wake up to an email from my favorite parent about how i could coach better. 'if only i'd subbed those girls out sooner, i'm sure we would have won.' grrrrrrrrrr. i'm feelin' so dang good about my team, and then a parent's got to bring me down. now i can't decide if i should reply " say "shut up" or just let it be.

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