Wednesday, March 8, 2006

thoughts on kirby

kirby puckett was prolly the greatest Twin of all time. it really sucks that he died at such a young age.

but really, i'm struggling with this blog entry because i haven't figured out how i really feel about him, yet. ever since the abuse reports, i haven't liked the guy. now, all of a sudden, i'm reading that he was actually a really, really good guy who messed up a couple times. all the articles go on " on about how he lit up the field, brought the best out of everyone around him, etc, etc, etc. unfortunately, i wasn't a huge baseball fan at that time, so i don't remember much about him...yeah, i knew kirby " loved the Twins...i have their Homer Hankies from both World Series...but i wasn't into it like i am now. i bet if i would have been, i would have loved the guy. sounds like he was downright awesome.

anyway, i may have fallen victim to the stupid media blowing something out of proportion. though is hitting a woman, or anyone, ever ok? even if you're a really, really, really good guy? i don't think so. but i do regret ever trying to hate the guy. yeah, he messed up...but we all do. he deserves more than hate.

RIP, Kirby.

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