Tuesday, August 29, 2006

direction of the blog

for a few weeks i've been trying to figure out what to do with this blog...it's become more of an update on my life than anything, and i don't think that's where i want it to go. i mean, it's cool when i show up in minnesota " everyone already knows everything about me while i know very little of them, but...

a brief history of hegman.com/weblog:
my first post - i became more techy
direction #1 - california vs minnesota
direction #2 - historical events that still make me laugh
direction #3 - kristie-isms
direction #4 - announcements
direction #5 - random links
and on and on and on...

i think i want to keep it a mix, while posting less about my life. i'd love to be one of those sought-after bloggers with words of wisdom pouring out from everywhere...i'd love to get "deeper" more often...i'd love to be one of those thinkers i admire so much...but i gotta take me for who i am - a random mix of it all. i like to believe words of wisdom " honesty flow from me often enough to make this blog worth it. here, here, to blogging!

(i forgot to use the word 'uber')

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