Friday, August 25, 2006

guest blogger, burgey

hey there. burgey here.
Ii am Kristies friend from Boston. - yeah I know our baseball team has taken a dive lately.
We are sitting here at the beach in Northern CA - I cant beleive that she can work from here - yup working from the beach.
Good thing I cant take my work with me - I drive an ambulance in Boston - no need to bring any trauma with me on vacation.
Actually I spoke with a freind if mine and he said that since I left my ambulance - the fightin' ambulance 3 - has been workin their butts off - I love mny partners but they can work their bums off with out me - I will stay here in Cali and sit on mine.
Hegman and I are going to the Giants game tonight-then some ocean side hiking on Sat.
Ahhhhh vacation. :)

ps there's always New Cheese out there

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