Saturday, August 26, 2006

further notes on Murray

i am 100% not ready to have a child, or anyone/thing i am completely responsible for. today burgey " i took murray along with us to the beach. i'm quite selfish and was tempted to get annoyed with the amount of work that went into this. (luckily, i'm old enough to catch myself " not get annoyed)

first of all, becki helped me pack up all his supplies - a water bowl, leashes, toys and treats. then i had to find a blanket to cover my back seat with, as i'm still allergic to murray " don't want his hair floating around my car. we drove to the beach, all the while having to watch him to make sure he didn't do anything stupid. i got whacked in the face with a tail once. we pulled up at the beach, which said it took leashed dogs online, to find out they didn't allow dogs until 4pm. so we walked around a bit " decided to drive up the coast. after 15 miles, we found a beach that allowed dogs. yay! we walked down the cliff with murray " hung out for a couple hours. i got to watch murray run full speed as he came at me " plowed me over, so that was exciting....and we played around a bit. and i got some homework done. 'twas a good day.

all this to say: i have the most low maintenance dog around, yet still want to whine about how he ties me down if/when i bring him anywhere. i'm the most selfish single person in the world...and, really, i'm ok with that. i have two other roommies " good friends who want to pitch in to care for murray, too.

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