Thursday, August 31, 2006

end of summer

hard to believe it's august 31. with school starting, it sure feels like the end of summer. thankfully, my summer was out of control fun " chaotic, so it feels kinda nice to get back to a somewhat normal pace...i realized that last nite while talking to a classmate.

there are four months left to get new year's resolutions taken care of...i'm set to run my half-marathon on october 29, which i think was my only resolution, so i'm good. i started aggressively paying off my debt last spring, so that also helps. i think i'm doing ok in 2006. it's been a very trying year, which means tons of personal growth. always a good thing.

here's to a great fall " start of winter! (and here's to another couple months of summer clothes 'cause i live in the Bay Area)

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