Thursday, February 15, 2007

February’s Adventure in Cooking - Singles Awareness Day

For Singles Awareness Day (aka Valentines Day), I decided to make a meal for a few friends...a "few" quickly turned into 10. At first, I'd offered tri-tip steak, something green and something starchy. At 2:00 yesterday I called mom in a panic 'cause I didn't wanna make steak for 10 people. So mom saved the day, once again, and offered up a sweet and sour chicken recipe. It was scrumptious & fairly easy.

Only a few mishaps occured:
- i dumped the salsa all over my kitchen floor, so we lacked an appyapp
- i accidently put 11 ingredients into the sauce to boil instead of just 10 (added oil, no big deal)
- i forgot to chop off the asparagus before i grilled it
- i completely burned the bread 'cause i had no more room in my oven & put it on the bottom

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