Wednesday, February 14, 2007

global biz, continued…

i was picked on again in class last night...
prof had talked for 2 hours straight and finally offered us a break...or to push through for 20 more minutes and get out early. of course, we went with the 20 minute option, but he made us stand up to stretch a little. i put my hands up in the air to stretch, accidently making myself stand out, so he told the class to follow my lead. we reached for the sky, touched our toes (prof said he couldn't do that), put our right arm out, left arm, etc...i'm quite the aerobics instructor, it appears.

he commented on how well i lead the class, so i mentioned my coaching was all sorts of awkward and i'm pretty positive my face was bright red. for some reason, i got embarassed. but we got out in 20 minutes.

(happy Singles Awareness Day!!! or vday)

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