Tuesday, February 6, 2007

he called on me!!!

so my tuesday night Global Business professor is somewhat of a jerk. last week he stopped class every time someone came in late to ask why they couldn't make it on time like the rest of us did. and we have a seating chart. and he's just stupid mean.

tonite he called on me...TWICE! the first time was just to tell him my favorite superbowl commercial, so that wasn't a big deal...but the second time was after i'd been nodding off for a few minutes " was in the middle of a huge yawn. he asked me what "law" meant...i mumbled something about guidelines for the way we do things " treat each other. he almost immediately asked someone else who had a brilliant answer. i never looked up once.

however, it seems he's now opened a huge can of worms...one kid announced that he'd like to get everyone's email addresses to set up a yahoo group " he asked what we'd use it for. before i knew it, i was blurting out, "we're going to talk about you." appears that once i say something in class, i'm almost fearless.

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