Thursday, December 4, 2008

crazy idears

Since we moved downtown, I’ve noticed a few kiddos skateboarding around the neighborhood – some to get to SJSU (smart move, I say). It looks like fun…and way more efficient than walking…so I’ve decided I want one. It’s 3 ½ blocks to wings…and it’d be so much more fun to skateboard over than walk (in my mind). Plus, I could get those cool skater shoes, skater hair and maybe even skater clothes (probably not). Unfortunately, few peeps are supportive of this idea:

kristie44: why won't i survive a skateboard???
lercher: 1) you're 30
lercher: 2) coordination and balance, are not your greatest strengths
lercher: 3) they're dangerous
lercher: 4) you're 30
lercher: 5) the ground is very very hard, you are not
lercher: you should totally get a skateboard

this morning I got an email from Jeff Galloway, running guy, about a free marathon training program that starts in January. For some reason, I’m inspired and thinkin’ about it. It’s the SF Marathon in late July – I totally have time to get prepared and don’t have to worry about it conflicting with coaching in the spring so much. But it’s a marathon…I’ve been pretty adamant about never running a full 26.2 miles at once. But I’ve got this crazy idear…

I’m going skateboard shopping tonight. As for the marathon, I’ve gotta sleep on it for at least two nights before I commit…if I commit…

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david golbitz said...

Kristie + skateboard = more butt x-rays.

I gotta agree with Lercher on this one. Go for it! :)