Tuesday, December 2, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

i had an awesome trip home to see the fam...thanks to brother kenny for frequent flier miles and first class!

one of the big events was creating a float for the Ely, MN Holiday Parade. it was last minute, as we'd thought there'd be a firetruck for the kids to ride on, but my sister is the macgyver of float-making. we took a couple electrical wire spools, a brown tarp, some clear plastic and tubing...and created a root beer float.

you can read about dorothy molter here, if you'd like.

and the kids...all seven of them...are pictured on flickr .

my sis texted me this morning to let me know we won a hundred bucks for our float float. exciting!

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Espi said...

I think the little boy in the gray shirt looks like you!!! Too cute!