Wednesday, December 17, 2008

environmentally friendly?

i love the environment. i do. i do what i can to keep it clean...

a couple months ago, my clinic switched my inhaler. i got a letter about it, but barely read it. (mybad) when i went in for a refill on my prescription, i noticed that the inhaler was pretty different...but assumed it'd work. ya know, help me breathe when i was strugglin'. sadly, it don't work. not only does it clog up from time to time, it doesn't fix my breathing! i have an attack, it does nothing for me. i ignored it for a month, thinkin' it was allergies...but then i had another really bad attack, got frustrated and emailed my doctor.

she said, "Yes, it's a similar complaint. We changed to the environmentally friendly inhalers. We were distributing the old inhalers until we ran out. You can get a nebulizing treatment in clinic if you need one."

seriously???? she wants me to take a ton of time to go in for a nebulizing treatment when my old inhaler woulda just fixed this immediately. stupid.

i gotta figure somethin' out here...

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