Wednesday, December 10, 2008

shopping with strangers

As is often the case when I go purse shopping, I found two that I liked…didn’t love either of them…couldn’t decide between them. I was about to pull out my phone to email a picture to roommate for advice when a chickie next to me said, “go with the turquoise one.” Surprised, I looked at her, sighed with relief and said, “thank you.” I put the brown one down and walked to the cash register. My life was made so much easier by a stranger…

Of course, I ran into her at dinner across the parking lot and she asked me if I went turquoise – I said I had, thanking her again…then she tried to sell me on her “company,” offering me a job. She said we looked “bright and ambitious” and would be perfect for it. I explained that I love my job, so I’m not interested. (we finally got it out of her that it’s Primerica…enough said)

Sidenote: trendy purses are HUGE these days

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