Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The 911 Challenge

 Last night I watched a ridiculous college kid take on and conquer the 911 challenge.  You see, University Chicken makes some mean wings...and if you accept the challenge, you have to eat 12 of the hottest wings in the world within 10 minutes.  And then you get a t-shirt, your picture on the wall and a whole lotta pride.

Yak & I are planning to build up our tolerance and take the challenge in six months - December 12, 2007.  Save the date.

The 911 Challenge Rules are as follows:

  1. Sign Waiver and admit you are an IDIOT for attempting the 911 Challenge.

  2. Eat 12 911 Wings to the bone in 10 minutes or less.

  3. Nothing else to eat or drink while taking the challenge.

  4. No napkins allowed during the challenge.

  5. Lick fingers clean after eating the last wing.

  6. After licking fingers clean, wait 5 minutes before eating or drinking anything.

  7. The Most Important Rule: Participants — wash hands very, very, very well before going to the bathroom or rubbing your eyes (think about it)!

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