Monday, June 4, 2007

and a coaching season becomes worth it…

we had the big regional tourney this past weekend. 

saturday was rough - i had to give the "i'm disappointed in you" lecture after we were done playing for the day.  they tend to lose focus after the first match of every they're bored with playing, or something...and it drives me nuts!  so i finally told 'em...and crushed their spirits a bit before sending them off to turn their attitudes around and come back ready to play on sunday.

fortunately, they stepped up to the plate and played like we'd never seen before. they focused for the entire five freaking matches...we won the second to last match simply because the other team was more exhausted than we were. (but a win's a win) the day made me so very proud.

the highlight of the weekend was playing our club's 14s team.  four of my girls from last year are on it and we scrimmage often during practice.  before the game, my girls convinced themselves that they could win, which is the biggest battle in these match-ups.  and then they played their hearts out.  we handed the 14s the first game, losing 14-25...but then we won the second game 25-23 and barely lost the last game 14-16.  it was intense...and awesome.  i sure as heck ain't takin' the credit for it, but a few parents had to let me know how far along my team has come.  it's awesome.

again, it's more fun for me to coach a team to success than to actually win myself.  and suddenly this season ain't so bad.  :-)

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