Tuesday, June 5, 2007

a new read

i think it was Real Live Preacher who pointed me to Bible Versus, and i'm thankful.  i don't get to it every day, but today i read a bit about judgment and it struck home.  we're always so quick to judge others and their actions...i and my actions have also been judged...and it never feels good.  (back to accepting the messes that we are, i guess)

anyway, check out Bible Versus when you get a chance.  he says the blog is, "A sometimes humorous, spontainious, honest but always reverent view of God, religion and the New Testament by a disabled gay man living with AIDS in Los Angeles. "

from yesterday's post:
"The chapter about judging others is interesting to me as a gay man because of the number of people who are so ready to judge me. Ted Haggard, for example. The hard turgid log in his eye didn't seem to exempt him from declaiming who I am. I've done a lot of stuff in my life, stuff that might make you blush and turn away (nothing violent or evil), so whenever I hear of another's adventures I'm not one to make a moral assessment. Experience is part of the human adventure and judgement is as well."

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