Monday, June 11, 2007

ending it kristie style

2007 Eclipse 14blue parted ways for the last time yesterday.  overall, we had a great season and they improved a ton...that's all i can ask for.   i surprised myself and went through a little "i'm gonna miss 'em" moment.  they're cute & make me laugh...even if they drive me nuts at times.

anyway, we had the Great America tourney this past weekend.  saturday is pool play, sunday is more pool play with the first place teams from each pool going on to tournament play.  our pool had somewhat of a three way tie - we beat a team that beat the team we lost to.  we had fewer points than the team we lost to, so i assumed we'd be in second place.  i waited twenty minutes for the tourney directors to figure it out and went up to see the other team's name on the bracket to go i let the girls know we were done for the season and they could change to head to Great America (roller coasters).

on our way out the door, the tourney director caught me to let me know we were actually in first place and should be playing.  they'd calculated wrong the first time, and we'd actually won because we'd only played 5 games and they'd played 6.  CRAP!  i asked the girls what they wanted to do...two jerseys were already on the road with parents, they were in their teenybopper cute clothes, they were torn...i looked at the other coach, who was all set to play, and figured we should just leave & let them play it out.  they had flown all the way from hawaii, so it just seemed like a better option.  we could go to roller coasters & they could play some more volleyball...

a few girls on my team were disappointed with our decision, but got over it.  i was disappointed, but seein' the look on the other coach's face made it worth it...she was so happy to be playing more. 

so, even after four years of coaching, i struggle with reading the stupid tourney schedules.  i hate them.  (though this time the tourney director actually messed up first)

 update:  just found out that the Hawaiian team took first place.  it coulda been us.

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