Tuesday, November 20, 2007

adventures in cooking - november

i got home a little late...and had to immediately start cooking.

the initial idea was that everyone would bring a nonperishable food item for me to incorporate into the meal...we almost did it.  i had frozen chicken breasts in the freezer and a bunch of other random items in the cupboards.  speedracer brought over some rice.  roommate picked out some taco seasoning, tapatio and mint chocolate cookies to add to the meal.

i fired up the foreman grills to make chicken.
i started up the rice (not 10minute easy rice).
i had black beans and corn cooking on the stove (not together).
i pulled some chimichangas out of the freezer at the last minute, as the chicken was taking forever.

we had some interesting taco-tapatio-seasoned rice, white rice, black beans, corn and a chimichanga. eventually we had a little chicken that was quite dry on the outside, but yummy on the inside.
we called it a success and pictures will be posted.

it was a true adventure. i had no idea what i'd be cooking besides the chicken.

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