Thursday, November 29, 2007

patience is not my strength

from a daily techy news email i get:

"Now, it's a given that at some point Apple was going to address one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone -- that it uses AT&T's sluggish EDGE network, rather than a faster 3G connection. The sticking point, according to the company, was that the available 3G chips sucked too much power. Still, in September, Jobs himself made vague comments about a 3G iPhone "later next year." But by making such a firm and public declaration right in the heart of the holiday shopping season, Stephenson may have trod heavily on one of Jobs' most sensitive spots (see "You have to understand, Mr. Jobs is very sensitive about premature elaboration"). As Dwight Silverman puts it, "The first rule of new product development is: You don't talk about new product development, because it kills sales of existing products," citing the suicidal marketing move known as the Osborne Effect. Larry Dignan adds, "Perhaps the average iPhone craving bear won't wait for the 3G version, but some percentage of prospective buyers will. ... Jobs can't be too happy this morning, especially if the 3G iPhone continues to be the buzz and it won't be ready soon, as in for Macworld in January. If not, iPhone sales could be dragged down as customers wait for the second coming."

if you can wait, wait.  i love my iPhone...but the slow internet does get to me once in a while.  sorry, Mr Jobs.

 (i forgot to mention that roommate & i saw all four TMNT and Splinter this past week in the NYC Subway...request pics, if you'd like)

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