Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the perfect vacation

it was awesome. the perfect amount of fun, laid-back-ness, food, entertainment, walking, subway-ing, taxi-ing, east coast friend time, etc. really, i'm quite pleased with how it all worked out.

in brief: landed at 6pm, picked up at 8pm, a homecooked hot dish for dinner, up at 9, NYC by 12, Battery Park, Times Square, italian, Altar Boyz, chocolate, sleep, out the door by noon, central park, The Met, lunch with lauraorange, The Met, mexican dinner, Rumours, curb, sleep, out the door by 11, Brooklyn, shopping on 5th Ave, the perfect purse, the cutest dress, crappy dinner at a singing diner, Philly boys, Times Square, sleep, out the door by 10am, connecticut with cousin Michelle & fam, home-made spaghetti, Rock Band, sleep, back in NYC by noon, stroll through the city, Central Park, taxi to JFK, home by 1am.

thanks,'re a quality travel partner. and thanks to East Coast Friends for making time for me.

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