Thursday, November 29, 2007

fun friday gone slightly awry

i woke up feelin' pretty good about it being friday...played some fun music, danced a little, sang a to work a little blogging's all good.

but then my doctor called 'cause my blood pressure was high enough yesterday that they want to monitor it.  i gotta admit, it freaks me out a little.  i know i'm old, but...i'm too young for this crap.  and i hate being forced to do much of anything - especially eat right and exercise.

maybe i'll run for the next couple of weeks, eat a little better and fake 'em out when i go back in.  maybe it's the amount of homework i need to do within the next couple of weeks, which will be done by then so i'll be ok.  maybe it's travel.  maybe it's my recently overactive asthma.  it can't be that i'm that unhealthy...yeesh.

getting old is rough some times.

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