Thursday, November 8, 2007

noodles malone

(pronounced ma-low-ney) 

this past weekend Roommate left me with her cat...just me and Noodles...chillin' at the apartment.  i have never been a huge fan of cats - mostly because i thought i was deathly allergic to them - but we agreed to give Noodles a test run and see how it went. 

we've made it almost 3 months, and it's all good.  my allergies haven't gone insane and Noodles seems does Roommate.  yahoo!

to make it even better, Noodles & i bonded this past weekend.  friday and saturday were a little rough with some whining and hiding...but sunday i was watchin' tv in the living room and Noodles snuggled right up to me.  i have a picture on my iphone.  he even drooled (i was reminded later that that's a good thing). 

so i like a cat.  i live with him and his real name is Tucker.

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