Tuesday, May 27, 2008

9.5 miles, a B+ and more to come!

i managed to run 9.5 miles this past weekend and felt pretty great about it. i'm still a little shocked - didn't know i had it in me. but that means i'm more on track for the coming half than i thought i was. woo!

i pulled out a B+ in marketing, which kinda shocks me. of the 5 essay questions, i had a solid answer for 1. thank goodness it was marketing, which is mostly BS, anyway.

entrepreneurship looks to be an A or A-. i'll take it!

i'm registered for my final class. i never have to go to the main SJSU campus again, 'cause the last class is "off campus." and i've heard great things about the prof.

i've still got a team fox website if you want to donate.

it's already wednesday. two more weekends of coaching and i'm done with most commitments. oh, what to do next...

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