Monday, May 19, 2008

nanolaminate capacitor

"Your team has been selected as a finalist for the Business Plan Competition to be held on Thursday May 22nd, 9-12:30 in BBC 032. You will be informed of the exact time of your presentation by Wednesday. Presenters have 10 minutes to make their presentation, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Please confirm ASAP that you can attend. Best wishes, Anu"

honestly, this is the funniest email i've gotten in a while. if you heard me talk about the nanolaminate capacitor this past semester, you've gotta think this is a joke. but no, we've made it to the final 8 (out of 55).

RunNMC and Densercap, the multilayer advantage

physics roommate, be proud. also, jeremy, take some credit for this.

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Jeremy said...

Congrats! Good luck on the presentation part. Maybe someone will offer to just buy it outright?