Thursday, May 15, 2008

not a great prof

it's tough when you have a prof and you come to find out that you just don't acknowledge her authority. (that's the nicest way we decided that we can put it)

last night she ended the semester on the perfect note...
apparently her record-keeping is off, because she was missing several assignments from students who were sure they’d turned it in. (kinda like elementary school) I was told by a fellow student to go check it out, so I was one of the last in line. The poor student before me got her butt chewed because the professor had “already explained several times that if anyone was missing an assignment, she’d email us.” I went back to my seat knowing she’d email me if I was missing any assignments and filled out the meanest teacher evaluation I have ever completed.

As I was leaving the class, prof stopped me to see if I’d checked on my assignments. I took a deep breathe and told her I would just wait for the email she was going to send if I was missing anything. She stopped me and said she’d like to check at that point. So I’m missing one assignment…I hope she doesn’t fail me.

Bad profs are frustrating. But I’m done with that class!!! One more final, and one more class to go with this silly MBA…

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