Tuesday, May 6, 2008


as much as i complain about school, i've come to realize that i have met some pretty great people through the program. i've been fortunate when it comes to group work - just a couple peeps that i'd actually complain about.

saturday night i had dinner with last year's school crew...we now talk about running marathons and such (i guess i'll be doing one next year) instead of school. i'm the only one left with classes, so it's cool that we still get together.

this semester i've had two pretty great groups...focusing on fun, while learning something along the way. we've had lots of laughs, some actual work and other great convo's.

being in HR has made me pretty popular, as well - interview questions, networking questions, job questions - it's fun. i wish my network were bigger, but i do what i can.

i gotta get a couple people a job somewhere...

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