Friday, May 16, 2008

best friday ever!

this could be it...
NKOTB was on the Today Show...and they were AWESOME! man, oh, man...i wish i could be in Boston for their show this weekend. sure, they're old...but they're workin' out the same moves, same sound, same stuff. their voices still aren't all that great (except joey & jordan, i think).

along with the same moves, they've got a "new style!" for Hangin' Tough. if you missed it on the Today Show, i hope you see it soon. clever, very clever.

reunion tours are a great idea. that's my final thought.

*i can only expect the rest of this friday to be great - we have treats all day at work, happy hour is planned with some great friends tonight and whatever else comes my way.

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brooke said...

we were wrong - it was during "the right stuff". but here's a video :)