Sunday, October 5, 2008


it's pretty great to run a half-marathon and feel like i was in good enough shape to do so. without a ton of training, no less. of course, this means that i won't feel the need to train for any more half-marathons that i might sign up for, but at least i gotta maintain my current running. which is doable...i can maintain this. it clears my head, keeps me healthy and gets me outside for a bit.

here, here, to a great half!

congrats to jj, brandy & the others on PRs.

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david golbitz said...

I gotta say, I think it's fantastic that you do all this running. I'm really impressed. It's not something I've ever really been able to do, and you're able to keep at it week after week. Good for you, y'know? I hope you keep it up. :)