Monday, October 13, 2008

what happens in vegas...

…usually stays there. But not when I have a blog.

Roommate & I flew out Saturday morning…after solidly celebrating Yak’s birthday for a few nights in a row. We landed…we got to our Castle…we went to find food in New York City (anything’s possible in Vegas). While waiting for our scrumptious Irish Pub burger to arrive, some fine lads sat at the table next to us…and one of them showed me more of his crack than anyone else ever has…on accident. I started giggling, he overheard, he busted me out…then he told the waitress to buy us another drink, ‘cause no one should be put through that. We graciously accepted our peace offering, ate our scrumptious burgers and continued on our Vegas adventure.

We walked the Strip on Saturday afternoon…saw many things, people and plants. It’s Fall in Vegas, apparently…lots of orange, red and yellow.

When one goes to Vegas, they’re often asked if they’re going to see a show. Well, we did. We saw one of the greatest shows on earth – The Block. At least, that’s how they’re referring to themselves now (ridiculous)…it was The New Kids on the Block, fifteen years later. I gotta say – they put on an awesome show. Mostly old stuff…a little new stuff…some cheesy lines…some classic moments reborn…it was awesome. And the outfits some of the chickies put together made it all the better – so much neon, scrunched clothing, NKOTB tshirts, buttons, etc. Roommate & I were in our Old Navy numbers, but didn’t’ show nearly enough skin (compared to others). Anyway…we saw a great show. I <3 Donny 4eva.

Yesterday we saw the Globe of Death on Fremont Street…three dirt bikes, one 15 foot circular metal cage. K-raz-y. And awesome. That was added to lots of lights, a laser show, cheap beer, cheap gambling and some winnings. Good stuff.

Other things happened in Vegas…they’ll stay there. 

Sidenote - I set a new life goal…to learn everything there is to know about tequila…and this link was sent to me in response:

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