Wednesday, October 8, 2008


It is not my favorite when the sky has this nasty smoggy lookin’ stuff in it. I mean, I breathe that. But whateve’…it’s a beautiful day in NorCal otherwise!

I went to a ‘breakfast with your labor lawyer’ thing today. First of all, I way overslept, so I am grossly unshowered. I haven’t done that in forever and kinda felt like I was 15 while rushing around, trying to get outta the house. Guess I ain’t grown up afterall (phew!). Secondly, I learned that California leads the way with a lot of laws. Federal legislation gets passed, but California has already been following it for a while, so it doesn’t really affect us. Or, at least, we’ve already adapted to it. Fascinating. My pastor has been sayin’ that California leads the way of the world…I guess he’s pretty much right. (I’m sure there are caveats to this)

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