Friday, October 17, 2008

all this blogging

i gotta admit, it's tough to keep up on this blog while i'm twittering and facebooking, too. apparently, i don't have much to say these days.

it's friday. i'm feelin' good about that. coming straight from vegas to work on monday was rough and i've been waiting for friday ever since. i played a bunch of volleyball this week...some kickball...a little hang-out time...and i've got a great weekend ahead of me. woot woot! (i worked, too)

i think i officially decided that coed volleyball sucks out here unless i set...and i don't set (reverse coed is ok). i played on a solid team last night, but rarely touched the ball. it's hard for me to stay focused and give 100% when i rarely need to jump to action. somethin' to think about...

i'm also going through coaching drama. hoping it works itself out today, but we'll see...

that's all, folks. you are updated on my life. solid week, good weekend ahead, still no homework. :-)

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